Xyacht is the right outsoutcing support to manage the yacht..

Xyacht's staff through innovative telematic interfaces takes care of all needs to keep the yacht efficient.

Xyacht deal with the interior design, the onboard hotellery menaging, the cruise and the eventsplanning .

We assure the crew and guests' comfort.
We provide food and technical supplies among the best on the market.

We offer competitive prices through accurate selections directly made by our professional and expert staff.

Xyacht staff control all process stages until delivery on board.
What makes us exclusive surely are our mechanical engineers, our staff experted in entertainment and catering area and our legal and insurance consultants that you can consult for any doubt, solution and innovation.

The Captain as well as the Owners and charter and management companies can count on a qualified professionals' support and on a unique cost centre 24/7.

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