TeakWonder CLEANER, cfz. lt. 4

Teak cleaning is a problem that is often solved with systems, such as sanding or using powdered or extremely caustic detergents, which end up severely damaging the surface. The TeakWonder CLEANER is a powerful detergent that thoroughly cleans the teak, easily and with little effort, without having to sand it. The product is neither caustic nor aggressive and does not damage the rubber of the coments, paints or hardware. The gray oxidation and dirt are removed in a few minutes. The cleaning process consists in wetting the surface to be cleaned with plenty of fresh water, then sprinkle the product evenly and wash the blanket with a not too hard brush (to avoid damaging the teak fibers), then rinse immediately and thoroughly. On surfaces that are very dirty, heavily oxidized or that have not been cleaned for a long time, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment. Clean any leaks on non-teak surfaces. The yield of the product is a function of the teak state but can be calculated in 6-8 m2 / lt


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